The Rock Church and World Outreach Center Presents

"The Rock Church lives up to its name with this foot-stompin', heart pounding, deeply passionate and heart-felt worship album. If you need a musical reminder of how great our God's grace is...this is the cd for you!!!"

— Mark Stuart Lead singer of Audio Adrenaline

"Great is your grace is an amazing album with an even more powerful message that takes you into the very presence of God. It speaks to people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you listen to rock or reggae this album will fill all of your craving for a true modern day worship experience and sound. Great is your grace is an album that speaks to the soul."

T-Bone Dove Award winning
artist and actor

"Great Is Your Grace" by the Rock Church is indeed an experience with God... an incredible night of worship. From the outer to the inner courts and through a malaise of genres, you will be indeed ushered into His Holy presence.

John Wineglass Emmy Award Winning Composer

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About the recording

Thousands of worshipers gathered at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center in San Bernardino, California for the live recording of "Great Is Your Grace." Thirteen original songs were sung by six different worship leaders at The Rock Church and lead by worship pastor David Archibeck. The project was produced by Mark G. Townsend.

Here at The Rock Church we have been enjoying a refreshing season of worship and praise. Grateful people are reaching out to God and touching Him in their response to His goodness. What an incredible experience to witness so many lives being restored, healed, and renewed by the outpouring of His presence. We have recorded this live worship CD to share this experience, and we believe it will deepen your love and intimacy with the King. "Great Is Your Grace" is a compilation of songs God has given that convey His love, His faithfulness, and His grace.

The variety of musical genres represented on this recording reflects the diversity of cultures and styles we have in our church. From modern rock, gospel, reggae, contemporary worship, worshipful ballads, to contemporary hymns–it’s all represented on this CD.

Please take a moment and listen to the audio and video clips of our live recording. Great Is Your Grace is now available for download and in CD format. The song book, which includes chord charts for all the songs on the album, is also available for download or as a printed copy. Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope this recording is a great inspiration and resource for both you personally and your church.

  • Great Is Your Grace

    Video - Great Is Your Grace - Live Recording
  • Make It Loud

    Video - Make It Loud - Live Recording
  • It’s Gonna Be Alright

    Video - It’s Gonna Be Alright - Live Recording
  • Song Of The Redeemed

    Video - Song Of The Redeemed - Live Recording
  • Here In This Place

    Video - Here In This Place - Live Recording